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Dade County Library

Make a Donation?

Dade County Library accepts donations of materials as well as donations of time and money. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact a librarian at (417) 637-5334.
  • Make a Donation?

    Monetary Donations 

    Dade County Library accepts monetary donations ‘In Honor” or “In Memory” of friends and family or simply a contribution.  Donations may be in any amount.  Make checks out to "Dade County Library".  All donations are used to purchase new materials or in the expense of upkeep and maintenance of the library itself. 

    Material Donations 

    Dade County Library also accepts donations of well-cared for books and magazines.  DCL asks that donation be made in small amounts due to the work needed to process items or store them.  DCL wants the public to understand items that are multiple copies, need repair, or are otherwise not beneficial to DCL will be sold, recycled, or donated to another library. 

    Time Donations 

    Dade County Library loves to be involved in the community.  Individuals or groups that wish to volunteer time to read to children, groundskeeping, maintenance, or other tasks are invited to contact the library (417) 637-5334 and speak to a librarian. 

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