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Dade County Library

Wi-Fi Usage

Policy for patrons using Wi-Fi at outside and/or offsite locations.

Dade County Library cannot be held responsible for and does not have control of monitoring the information accessed in the free Wi-Fi provided at offsite locations.  The Internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions; not all sources provide information that is accurate, complete, or current.  Be aware that internet in public areas is shared by people of all ages and sensibilities.  Some sites may be considered offensive.  The library recognizes the right and responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor, restrict, and/or determine their own children’s access to the Internet.

  1. Patrons wishing to use the free Wi-Fi must register at Dade County Library.  Registration will include name, address, phone number, and a list of device names that will be used.
  2. Parents and legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding if free Wi-Fi is appropriate for their own children. Passwords will not be given without parent/guardian consent.
  3. Children under the age of sixteen (16) must complete a Permission Slip for Minors to use DCL Wireless Internet.
  4. Patrons 16 and older may complete this agreement and receive password.
  5. DCL and its staff have the right to interrupt or cancel the use of Wi-Fi. Abuse of the rules, equipment, and/or any attempt to commit any illegal activity (including but not limited to copyright infringement) while using the Wi-Fi will be suspended and shall be liable for civil and/or criminal legal action.
  6. Patrons agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Dade County Library, its employees, and agents from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, suit, judgement, or expense (including attorney fees), arising out of any breach of this policy statement.
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