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Dade County Library

Library Rules

General rules and code of conduct for the library

In keeping with DCL's commitment to customer service, the following guidelines have been developed to define activities that are appropriate as well as those activities that are prohibited and defined as inappropriate and inconsiderate.

Dade County Library Board of Trustees and Staff have the right and responsibility to protect the safety of all DCL patrons and material and to maintain order on DCL property.


     Any person wanting to use Dade County Library must have a purpose for the visit.  Purposes may include but not limited to, genealogical research, study time, computer usage, attend an event sponsored by DCL,  or renew, return, and/or check out library materials.


  •      Theft, attempted theft, or destruction of library materials and/or property.
  •       Disruptive and/or offensive noises and/or behaviors, that affect staff or patrons.
  •       Use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco or under the influence.
  •       Accessing any explicit sexual or pornographic materials.
  •       Bringing animals in to the library except those registered as service animals.
  •       Juveniles under the age of 8 left unattended by parents or adult guardians.


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